Ladies: Call Your Boyfriend With These 13 Twi Names And He Will Never Cheat On You


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How you talk to a lady can make her fall deeply in love with you, especially when you keep on calling her the sweet name that I am about to show you. Ladies or women are very special creator and therefore deserve to be pampered and adore. It happens to me when I started using these Twi words on my girlfriend. From that day that I started calling her with these sweet Twi names, she has never done anything for me to regret, and always trying to be around me wherever that I will go. She will say "Baby please wake me up whenever that you are stepping out", as you can see, all that she is trying to say is that she will follow me when am going out.

Below are the sweet Twi word names that you have to call your girl with:

1. Ahoofe dua (beauty tree - embodiment of beauty).

2. Odo (love).

3. Made pa (my good thing).

4. Akoma mu tofe (sweetheart - literally: candy of heart).

5. Me dofo (my lover).

6. Me bibini (My African person).

7. Ahoofe (handsome).

8. Me buroni (my Caucasian person).

9. Odo pa (good love).

10. Odofo (loved one).

11. Me do ( my love).

12. Me bibini-buroni (my African-Caucasian person).

13. Ode yewu (literally: love is death; worth-dying-for love).

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