One is a goat, the other is a scapegoatß


The woes of Nigerian popular scammer Ray Hushpuppi seem not to be ending anytime sooner.

Hushpuppi has repeatedly trended in the news for a long time now after he got arrested by the Dubai police a few days ago. He was arrested for cybercrime

Hushpuppi in his better days kept flaunting his riches on all his social media handles. However, many people kept questioning the source of his revenue until he got arrested by the Dubai police

A recent picture of him sighted on social media shows Hushpuppi dressed in the same attire as that of the Portuguese star Christiano Ronaldo.

This has made him a laughing stock, as many people teased his present circumstances to his past. One user opined that, from the two men, one is a goat, and the other is a scapegoat.

We are however unable to draw conclusions as to who is the goat since the two men are equally good in their respective fields.

Share your thoughts in the comments section. Who do you think is the goat?