Harry and Meghan Markle receive charity award for 'enlightened decision' to only have two kids

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A charity has given the Duke and Duchess of Sussex an award for making the "enlightened decision" to have only two children.

Population Matters bestowed the "Special Award" to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, stating that their decision means they would decrease their environmental effect by not having any more children.

Harry revealed his intention to have only two children in a Vogue 2019 interview with chimp expert Dr. Jane Goodall, in which he characterized the Earth as "stolen."

He said: "Surely we should be able to leave something more behind for the next generation as smart as we are all, or as developed as we are supposed to be."

Population Campaigning for a sustainable population was acknowledged as 'the role model for other families' by Harry and Meghan.

A UK-based charity spokesperson said: "The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are trying to guarantee that their children have a better future and to provide a role model for other families in selecting and publicly stating their intentions to confine their households to two.

"Having a smaller family minimizes our environmental footprint and gives all of our children, their children, and future generations a greater opportunity of flourishing on a healthy world."

"We applaud the Duke and Duchess for making this wise decision and demonstrating that a smaller family can also be a happy family."

The prize was awarded to Harry and Meghan, along with nine others, to commemorate the United Nations' World Population Day.

Wendo Aszed, Kenya's best-selling author, Emma Gannon and youngster, Nairashe Maritsa, are also winners of Kenya's empowerment program in Zimbabwe.

Each receiver receives a contribution of £500 for their choice of charity.

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