How To Charge Your Phone Faster Within 1 Hour


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With a smartphone, it' s necessary to know some strategies for charging your phone quickly and for making it last longer. Here are a few tips for charging your mobile phone within an hour.

1. Use a short USB cable:

Your phone' s charging speed is determined by the length of the USB cable. An extended USB cable will increase the charge time of your phone, while a shorter one will make it charge faster. This is because, as the cable gets longer, it has a higher resistance to the flow of current.

2. Consider using a thicker USB cable.

With a thicker USB cable, more current will flow through it, whereas a thinner one will reduce the current flow.

3. Also Use a 5A or 10A charger.

Your charger' s capability to deliver current is another very important feature that makes your phone charge quickly. A 5000mAH phone battery on a 500mA charger will take several hours to charge. So you need to choose between a 5A/ 10A charger when purchasing one.

4. You need to put your phone on plane mode.

The phone will charge faster on plane mode since it' s not receiving or transmitting electrical signals.

4. Ensure that the charging point of your phone is clean and functional.

When the charging point of your smartphone becomes rusty, wet, or malfunctions, it will reduce its charging speed because there will be a resistance to the flow of current.