Atta Frimpong, the man who used his own cash to construct a road


Atta Frimpong, the one who utilized his own cash to develop a street 

It isn't something that is seen on the common day, as a man will construct a road exclusively. 

Then one Philanthropist has done the semi-shocking. Mr. Atta Frimpong is a cash administrator who deals in vehicles, taking everything into account. He is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Rounor Motors Limited. 

Road Construction 

Mr. Frimpong has built up a 2km road at the North Celebrity Hill, Lashibi MF-Estate. He went through all the diverse cycle fundamental for the improvement of a road, according to him. 

He said he arrived at the Road improvement trained professionals and was given one contactor, Emmanuel Odai who drove the endeavor. After the chief coat, he arrived at another specialist for recruit who was ace in the advancement of Asphat to furnish the last stage. 

At that point he moreover made two squanders sideways which goes through the 2km asphat road. 

Chatting on Anopa Bɔfoɔ on Angel TV, Mr. Frimpong said, "...I am not taking any money from government". He explained that he did what he did following the President's pronouncing this year as "the hour of road". 

According to him he was distinctively roused and that why he had the alternative to through all of the works in the completing of the endeavor. 


Resulting to being seen whether he had any Political longing following the assignment, he denied. 

"I'm a Ghanaian and I have a nice heart for the I travel outside, I see various countries and I need my country to look brilliant. 

"I'm a cash supervisor and should remain that. 

He has also request that the general populace attract themselves in any manners possible to help the headway of the country. He said that "it takes two to be productive".


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