Earthquake in Afghan kills dozens of people wounded 1,500

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A massive earthquake has killed dozen of people and left thousand and more injured in Afghanistan, a Taliban official report to BBC today.

Pictures show how a landslide and ruined mud built home in eastern of Paktika province,where rescuers have been trying their best to treat the injured people.

According to report by the Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada said hundreds of house were destroyed leaving many homeless and the death toll keep increasing

The head of information for Paktika province, Mohammed Amin Hazifi, told BBC that over thousand killed and more than hundreds injured l.

Rescue teams are still searching for others buried under the mud, he also added that the earthquake struck about 44km (27 miles) from the south-eastern city of khost shortly after 01:31 local time (21:00 Tuesday GMT), When many people were asleep at their homes.

He also added that the street of Afghanistan is full of mourning, and one of the local journalist is seriously hit in the cause of the earthquake.

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