21 Latest Jokes and Funny Pictures You Will Find Yourself Laughing Out Loud.


1. Guy's before you marry any woman allow her catch you cheating if she doesn't kill u then marry her.

2. Ladies will be calling guys baby and still ask us 4 money, please do baby's have money?

3. A cup of RICE contains 8564 pieces don't buy if it's not complete,I will count GARRI tomorrow

4. Kissing your boyfriend when he's sleeping is one of the gesture of love, but in 9ja ladies will be searching for his phone or money

5. On my wedding day, short people will not be served food. I can't waste my food on people that will not grow again

6. I know a girl who used 7k to snap studio pix Last month just for her birthday, up till now she Has 13likes &3comments So my sister no be camera if u ugly u ugly.

7. My brother, don't be annoyed when a girl ignores your message.. Most of them don't know how to read and write.

8. On my wedding day, I would surprise people ehn..

Venue: Lagos state Reception: Nasarawa state

I cannot come and feed the nation o.

9. Being a man is not easy, no make up, no wig Nothing ..... If you are ugly, you're ugly, nothing can save you except Money.

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