"Ni Manjozi Tele" Here Are Photos Of Brother Ken Wanzala, He Perished On River Enziu Bridge Tragedy

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Death is something which is unpredictable because no one no what will happen the next minute or hour. Nowadays death cases are spearheading day by day making Kenyans to be confused about the sad news report being received day by day.

Nowadays most death cases are spearheading due to certain factors associated with accidents eg roads, murder, suicide, disease and pandemic eg covid 19.

Kenyans on Saturday were astonished by death reports of thirty three choir members from Mwingi, Kitui county who reportedly perished while crossing the flooded and killer river namely river Enziu. Their hired school bus was swept by angry floods hence capsized making them to drown.

On my research about that river Enziu Bridge, kitui Tragedy, I have come across with photos of one brother of st Cecilia catholic church in Kitui by the name Brither Ken Wanzala. He is among thirty three Kenyans who reportedly perished on that tragedy.

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According to his post on Facebook that I have came across, brother Wanjala was a happy man who loved God and any post that he shared online he quoted about an encouraging Bible verse. It's so painful to lose a man of God who is the main change agent in the society especially on this rotten generation.

Here are some of the photos of Brother Ken Wanzala on Facebook,

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We are sending our condolences message to his family and friends and may his soul rest in peace. We are also urging all Kenyans to take care for themselves during this Christmas festive season by following all traffic rules and regulations while traveling across different counties.

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