Seven Secrets Of Girls Who Know How To Seduce

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Seriously, what is their thing? They please with a glance and yet, we have the same eyes. I questioned 7 girls in my hostel on KNUST campus who can anyone seduce with the snap of a finger. Having chased after a guy for months while another waved two eyelashes and concluded, we now know that everything is decided in a few seconds. The right gesture, the right phrase, the right idea. OK, there is no rule in the matter, no magic recipe to seduce for sure, but we imagine that there are things to try. The seductresses entrust us with their tricks.

1. Surround yourself with guys

“Already, being part of a group of guys is cool because they give very good advice. But above all, it's good to go out with them, men attract men. Inevitably it arouses interest."

Adwoa, 22 years old.

2. Approach him once you like him

"As soon as I like the guy, I leave. Finally, I take advantage of it a little more then I wrap up. Disappearing, it makes the other want to see us again. Always knowing how to stop at the right moment."

Serwaa, 19 years old.

3. Take initiatives

"Stay idly by hoping that our target melts. It's average. My thing is to get into it. Delicately of course. I get closer, I talk to him, plant my eyes in his. At the worse, he puts me off, but I don't spend three years on it. Guys like to be approached."

Violet, 23 years old.

4. Ask questions

"What could be more flattering than someone who asks you questions and wants to get to know you? When I like a guy, I don't make any detours and I question him. His life, his daily life, his work, his passions. And at the less, I know if my crush is only physical or if the guy really interests me."

Vivian, 23 years old.

5. Fix your eye in his direction

“Playing with his gaze. A gaze means everything. So I insist, I watch, I smile, I attract attention. At that moment, he knows that I have an interest in him which awakens his."

Enyonam, 22 years old.

6. Be spontaneous

"I've often seduced at my expense. Since I wasn't paying attention, guys would come. So I kept this thing in the back of my mind… If I like the guy, I know I risk losing my naturalness. So I forget for a moment that he is there and I cling to my spontaneity. Easy: we repeat to ourselves that we are with a friend."

Elsie, 20 years old.

7. Touch him

"Physical contact, nothing like it. As I don't intend to put a hand on my buttocks, I ask for the time by delicately grabbing his watch. Hello, it's me, I allow myself."

Dora, 23 years old.

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