These Signposts Would Make You Believe English Teachers Never Existed On The Planet.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful females all across the world. You rock!

On this special day, allow me to ignite your laughter to the next level. In this article, I have compiled some signpost that seems to becoming from another planet. It is said a good package speaks a thousand word about a product, but these people have probably not heard about this wise saying ever in their life. Some of them are extremely hilarious. Some are also just difficult to understand.

This is probably where the Bhim Nation flagstaff house is located.

Waia minute! Is it referring to the delicious meal fula? The second is also talking about Ananta.( someone who has problems with the legs)

I never knew hearts of oak cut a SOD when they shared oat among themselves.

This is a new word in the McMillan dictionary.

Educative but funny.

I can bet there are a bunch of macho men in this particular church.

This is probably where God solves all the problems in this world.

An invitation to join your friend for a special dinner.

Sister Alice maybe the best cook in the whole community.

Escape from the tortures of your wife and come enjoy yourself here.

The best paid painters in the whole Ghana.

A question many people cannot say for an answer.

The only person who can power up soldiers at war front.

Isosseles. Anyone with a dictionary here. I have never seen this word before.

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