The First Ghanaian Artist to Win The Grammys


Music is the soul of life. Dating back to time, music has been with man. It has been man's companion in health or deaths, sorrow or merry, work or relaxation.

There are those who just enjoy the rythem and lyrics of music, and there are those who are gifted to compose it. Those who are extremely good at it make a fortune from it by commercializing their God given talent.

The music industry is soo big an industry that, those into it turn to become global sensations. In order to enhance the hard work of artists, there are several award schemes that recognize and appreciate musicians by awarding them various prices.

The biggest music academy in the World is the Grammys. The awarding institution recognizes talent the world over. The epic of nearly all musicians is to get recognition from the Academy.

The Ghana music industry artists are also working hard to attain this enviable feet.

Ghanaians however think their musicians are not doing enough to be globally recognized by the award academy, especially when their Nigeria artists are winning the Grammys.

Let's take a look at the firstGhanaian who have been awarded by Grammys.

 FuseODG; in won the award in 2018 for cowriting Ed Shareen's "Divide Album" that won the award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

So when next someone tells you no Ghanaian has won an award at the Grammys, prove them wrong.

Hope this article has been educative.

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