Cops accused of claiming teen gang-rape victim could have broken hymen on horse or bike

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The gatekeeper of a 13-year-old Gauteng assault casualty is shocked, saying police guaranteed the high schooler young lady's hymen might have been harmed while she was riding a bike or pony.

"We don't have ponies. How could they try and say that? I am so disturbed," the lady said.

Recently, a video cut surfaced via web-based entertainment of the young lady handing-off that three men had assaulted her in Laezonia, close to Diepsloot, Gauteng.

Wellbeing in question

In the video, she said the principal episode included an elderly person from her area, who supposedly hauled her to his home while she was playing with a companion in the road.

"He advised me to plunk down on a seat… He shut the entryway, covered my eyes with a dishcloth and conveyed me over to the bed where he limited my options [behind] my back.

She said:

I felt something going into my confidential part. At the time I was unable to see what it was on the grounds that I was blindfolded.

At the point when she implored him to stop, he did and he advised her to take off from his home, before he gave her a R10 note and told her not to let anybody know what had occurred, she said.

She proceeded to give subtleties of an alternate encounter including another man who sent her to a close by tuckshop and hauled her to his home where she was assaulted.

"Whenever he was done, he let me know that assuming I at any point educated anybody regarding this he would kill me," she said.

The third assault, she said, involved a man who possesses a taxi.

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As indicated by the kid's watchman, the matter was accounted for to the police yet no captures have been made.

"At the point when this matter was accounted for before in the month, nothing was finished. It took everlastingly for it to be researched. By then, the video was at that point via web-based entertainment and culprits [who were] named began to scrutinize the young lady to check whether she outed them to the police," the gatekeeper said.

She added that the security of the youngster was in question.

She said:

She and her dad just migrated to Laezonia after the death of her mother. The circumstance at home isn't exactly great and considering what befell her, I needed to give her move access with me for her own security.

She said the need to move came on 30 April after individuals from the local area told her that a man in the space had petted the kid's bosoms.

"I trust this occurred on 29 April.

"I later affirmed the occurrence with her, and she conceded that she was attacked.

"At the point when I inquired as to whether there was any other person who did this...she enlightened me regarding the other trial with the three unique men, as you would have heard from the video shared on Instagram," she said.

Getting the police in question

She went to report the make a difference to the police.

Be that as it may, when they got to the police headquarters, officials would not open a case, the watchman said.

She added:

I was informed she wasn't assaulted.

One more police office was gotten to talk with the kid once more and prescribed that she be taken to a facility where she could be inspected.

"We went to the facility on Sunday (1 May), where clinical reports demonstrated that she was assaulted and what's miserable, is that the specialists said a few men assaulted her," the watchman added.

She said the records were given to the police after their return from the facility.

Following quite a while of fruitlessly attempting to get refreshes from the police, she got back to the police headquarters. In any case, officials told her that the young lady's hymen might have been harmed from riding a bike or pony, she said.

"When it's all said and done, you have a full admission from the kid and clinical records demonstrating she was assaulted. How could they mess with this?" she inquired.

The guardian of a 13-year-old Gauteng rape victim is outraged, saying police claimed the teen girl's hymen could have been damaged while she was riding a bicycle or horse.

As indicated by the watchman, the kid's wellbeing has been on the line since the video was delivered.

An assault case has since been opened and police have begun to examine the matter.

News24 reached the police for input yet their remark was not gotten at the hour of distribution.

It will be added once gotten.

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