Causes of cannibalism

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Cannibalism is a situation where bird peck on others until they cause wounds which are routes for secondary infections. Cannibalism is caused by birds being idle. Birds can peck on others on the wattles,beaks and the Combs .

The main challenge of cannibalism is caused by external parasites. This is caused by birds when peck on others to remove parasites like flea from combs of others . In doing so there is an injury that results in blood coming out of the wounds .

Overcrowding. Some birds see others closely and its easy to determine something to peck on. To avoid birds from pecking from others hang leaves on the house to keep them busy. As this pecking causes wounds. Birds should also be kept in individual houses to avoid them from pecking others.

Bright light .This makes the toes shine making them to be bright hence resulting to the toe pecking. Mineral deficiency. Some feeds on unbalanced feeds makes birds to try to feed mineral else where like egg eating.

Introduction of a new birds in a flock . This causes fighting of the birds in the same house resulting in cannibalism or pecking on the others resulting in cannibalism after an injury.

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