I’m Not Ashamed Of My Lɛakɛd Sєχ тαρє – Nigeria Top Celebrity Tiwa Savage Speaks Out.

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The alleged sт of popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has gone viral. The video depicts the Nigerian celebrity in a precarious predicament. 

Tiwa said in a radio broadcast that the tape was leaked by an unidentified someone who was attempting to extort her. 

"My road manager texted me a video and asked me to check it out," she explained. She recognized the footage as being of her and her current partner, according to her. 

"I inquired as to where you obtained this." She reveals that the fraudster requested money from her. "I reasoned that it would be unjust to bow to someone who is attempting to blackmail me in order to extort me." 

Tiwa Savage flaunts her newly purchased property in the midst of the lakt saga. 

When asked how the video ended up in the wrong hands, Tiwa Savage revealed that her lover accidentally posted it on Snapchat before swiftly deleting it. She believes the video was downloaded before it was erased. 

"The trouble is that if you pay them off, it becomes a recurring and never-ending habit because they are still in the video position." Individuals continue to swindle you down to your knees without mercy." Tiwa argues that she was not willing to lose an exaggerated amount of money in order to publish an Internet moment captured with the person she is presently seeing, preferring to face her demons and explain the ordeal to his family. 

"Unfortunately, I lost my father a few years ago, so he will not be a part of this, but I will have to explain it to my mother and son." "I may have to wait a little longer for my kid till he is a little older and in his mid teens because I'm aware that some disgruntled character may still be out there attempting to approach him as a form of bullying," she added. 

Tiwa Savage and her management team decided to jump ahead of the narrative with an explainer before the tale drew to a close. "I'm not embarrassed about it. It's with someone I'm dating, and neither of us is cheating. "We're all grown-ups in an embarrassing circumstance," she explained. 

"I look at the video and think, why now? This is so embarrassing at a time when the music is so fantastic, and my growing fans may criticize me." "I know it'll be there forever with different memes attached to it, but what can you do in a wicked world?" she mused. 

Tiwa Savage has released her latest single, Somebody's Son, which features America's R&B phenomenon Brandy. The video garnered over 5 million views on YouTube in just 5 days.

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