Top Zuma’s Allay Reject EFF Invitation? But She's Keen On Not Voting For The ANC. See Who She Is?

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One of the Zuma supporters has dropped the bombshell on Facebook that left everyone in a total disbelief because they have never thought that they would come across such a thing. That's why it is more important to make sure that you choose the party that, you are sure about because you might regret when time goes by. So many people are now blaming themselves for voting to the parties that they have never thought about before they could place their votes. So many people, I'm not sure about the parties that they are going to vote for because they know that everyone can change anytime they want.

It's like they don't even know whom to vote for now because we have realized that anything can change even when you were believing in it. I can tell that so many parties will short people because they won't be coming to elections because they have realized that those people who are asking for votes wants to avoid seeing us doing good and that's not how things should happen. That's why some people and seeing they will never please foods or do anything that will help somebody else because they have realized that once those people get what they want they start changing.

We don't even know where to start if you want to stop all of this, it was, it looks like those people are enjoying everything that they do to the community. They need to start thinking before doing all the because we are having families, that is for struggling and searching for help, but it looks like there is no one that wants to help even though who's that word making tricks before they could get the money that they're having immediately. People are voting because they want to see change in their community, and they also want to see themselves getting jobs and doing good in life. This nowadays it looks like when someone takes over a particular party it means that the person we'll have to make sure that he chew all the money in the party because he leaves.

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