Management of a cow during parturition


Before parturition the cow shows the following signs of parturition . They includes general restlessness,thick mucus discharge

After all the signs are visible the cow should be separated from the other two days before parturition. The farmer should ensure close supervision for any complications to seek for assistance from a qualified veterinary.

Wipe the mucus from the nostril of the calve. Allow the mother to lick the calf or wipe with a clean clothe . Tie the umbilical cord . Cut and disinfect it by applying iodine. Move the calf to a warm place and allow it .

Let the calve suckle enough colostrum and in case of assistance should be helped. Colostrum helps in cleaning the bowels,and contains contains antibodies which help in improving the immunity.

Birth weight should also be taken and recorded before the calve suckles. In case the mother dies give artificial colostrum. You can also introduce it to foster mother.

In case of any breathing difficulties do artificial breathing . Clean the udder with warm water before the calve suckles . Provided the mother with clean water and feed to drink and eat. Consult veterinary in case after birth is retained for more than 48 hours.