"Zaa Wako Ufiche" Vera Slams A Fan Asking Her To Stop Exposing Asia To The Public And Shave Her Hair

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Vera Sidika alias Queen Vee the boss lady is one of the top female celebrities having better lives on social media. She flaunts her fancy lifestyle on Instagram as she keeps on posting photos of herself and family having good times and vacations. The lady is a mother of one daughter named Asia Brown and married to a popular music artist Brown Mauzo. Sidika has been posting her daughter on Instagram showing how much she's obsessed to her. She says the baby is her most favourite person and has even vowed not to shave her hair. 

Today she has had a hot scandal online after developing an argument with her fan. She posted Asia but one of the fans reacted to that story by telling her to let the baby rest. She should stop exposing Asia to the public and should also shave the hair. However Vera slammed the fan by telling her that she's not going to stop posting her daughter. She has also blocked the lady and added information saying that no one helped her with pregnancy so let nobody dictate her on how to be a mother. 

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