God help us :Arsenal fans weep as keeper Leno suffers major injury

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Ask the FA to be held responsible for the lack of punishment of Brighton players, this joke has been going for a very long time now


Was going to tell yous but you were focused on your game at the time. It looked a really bad one.


That clip would suggest he'd injured his left leg. It was his right that was strapped up. Nothing in that for me.


Swear to god, if I see Maupay out in the streets someday.


Brave lad, he even had a word or two to say! Get well soonest Leno


He had every right to go fir that ball, it was just an accident.


Tired of the refs never protecting our fucking players Pepe always getting targeted and Leno getting injured cause of an unnecessary challenge


Appeal for ban against that Brighton thug @arsenal @Bernd_Leno @m8arteta

The only reason they repeat such nonsense in this league is because they always keep getting away from these

Maupay needs a kick in the throat.


Just imagine not having this guy in goal for probably 9 months. Lord help us.

Maupay clearly deserves a card,, Unnecessary challenge🤦🏿‍♂️

Get well soon Leno


I'm sorry this happened to you @Bernd_Leno. Get well soon bro, we wish you the best ❤


Too simple. Sead should call some cousins to pay maupay a visit


leader, savior, injured, but the players did not even intercede! silently watched a bunch of cowards !!!


What the hell is wrong with our players, our keeper is dealt such stupid tackle from a reckless player and y'all walk away without no anger whatsoever, this softness is annoying at the same time saddening

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