Aisha Jumwa Education Level Revealed Leaving People So Surprised

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Today, the vice president of the Republic of Kenya, Dr. William Samoe Ruto, who is running for president of the UDA presidency and the entire Kenya First Coalition, has a new headache ahead of the August general election.

This comes after reports emerged that one of the candidates for the governorship of the powerful UDA had resigned from form two. using the UDA team is just a second form quit.

According to the publication, reports show that the honorable Jumwa completed his basic education at Takaungu Primary School in 1991 and then moved on to Ganze secondary school where he dropped out of second grade. This will upset Ruto as Aisha Jumwa may be excluded from the presidential race in these reports are true.

"Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa does not have the legal qualifications to run for the Kilifi constituency in the August elections. In court papers filed by the plaintiff Concern Citizen Kenya, Rajab Menza Shikara and Daniel Chengo Kahindi, they demanded Jumwa's removal from the forthcoming elections due to lack of necessary education." It means reports.

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