Muthoni Mukiri Amazes Netizens After Revealing Exorbitant Prices of Wigs in Her Boutique


Ex-Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Mukiri has court unprecedented controversy after she disclosed 'out-of-earth' prices of her merchandise while marketing her high-end beauty parlor located in the precincts of Hurligham dubbed Mukiri Hair Hub.

A client who wants to acquire a 30-inch body wave wig must dearly part with Kenya Shillings 56,000 courtesy of an outstanding discount from the initial price of Kenya Shillings 80,000.

Today shock of many, the former TV siren intimated that only one unit was in stock. Bottom line, the demand is too high and any potential buyer must rush to secure the wig at the high-end hair hub as stocks last.

Kenya being a country bedeviled by poverty, unemployment at meagreness in social stability, thousands of her fans were left pondering about her exclusive clientele that can afford a single-wide at such exorbitant prices amid a failing economy and increasing cost of living.

The beauty business which was launched in late 2019 proves to be yielding high returns to TV siren turned beauty queen since she has never contemplated looking for another job after exiting Royal Media owned Inooro TV.

Varied reactions from amazed Kenyans were as follows;

Lilian: 80k alafu nikuje ning'olewe nayo kichwa getho.

Sally: it's not safe to walk around the streets with that thing in my head.

Liz: Ati pesa ngapi?

Martha: how many of us are earning 100k? and by the way, even if one is earning that amount it doesn't add up.

Rose: uzeni Tu, haina shida. Let me escort the buyers.

Angie: imagine, discount comes down to 56,000 apo sasa ni bei ya mwisho. Mimi I am done.


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