Amber Ray Spotted Hanging Out Openly With Alleged New Man After Days Of Keeping It Private

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Controversial Faith Makau alias Amber Ray, a Kenyan socialite, has been sighted out and about with her claimed new boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo.

Ray Amber

Amber Ray's pal Ashah Lurv verified the two were partying hard on Friday night when she uploaded a video of them on her Instagram stories.

The trio was in fact at the JM Lounge and Grill, a nightclub in Nairobi's Kilimani neighborhood. They even had a few beers while they were there.

Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo, and Ashah Lurv in photos

Asha Lurv verified Amber Ray was really Kennedy Rapudo's girlfriend in one of her Instagram images, writing in the caption:

As illustrated below, "Kila mtu na mtu wake"

Kennedy Rapudo shared the same video on his Instagram stories.

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray

After breaking up with her Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend Kabba, rumors have been circulating for a few days that Kennedy Rapudo is Amber Ray's new catch.

These rumors started when blogger Edgar Obare revealed via his sources that the two were covertly hanging out and taking trips together

They were clearly in the same area in one of the images that they both just uploaded on their Instagram accounts because the backgrounds of the photos looked identical.

Despite this, the two have yet to openly confirm their relationship.

What is certain is that Amber Ray is now involved in a love relationship, as she said in a recent Instagram Q&A session with her fans.

She was questioned whether she was dating at the time, and she said yes 100 percent of the time.

Meanwhile, enjoy these images of Kennedy Rapudo.

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