Check Out What Pep Guardiola Told BT Sport After The 1-0 Defeat By Chelsea

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Pep Guardiola side has been defeated for the third time today by the same team. Guardiola side were equally frantic, though and they were looking uncertain out of possession not until Kai Havertz from Chelsea score the winning goal for his team.

However, it has been a very tough day for Manchester City despite their wonderful performance and tactics. After the match, Pep Guardiola was interviewed by BT Sport as he offered some quick words on the gamble tonight as De Bruyne's game changing injury caused their downfall tonight.

According to his speech which reads as Follows:

"I did what I thought was the best was the best decision. Kevin De Bruyne got injury which happens in this competition and in this game. We needed everyone."

"The ambition now is to rest then prepare for the next season. It was the first time we were at this stage. Hopefully we will be here again in the next future." He added.

The Coach also showered praises on his players for their exceptional performance despite the defeat.

What is your opinion about Pep Guardiola's decision tonight?

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