Before I Testify, I Want To Make Some Enquiries: Wife Of Kaaka Boldly Demands.


The government of Ghana has set up a commission of enquiry to probe the chaos that ensued after the death of Ibrahim Kaaka. Today, 12th July marks the fifth day of this public enquiry. In the earlier week, the family of Kaaka decided not to appear and cooperate with the committee. Several individuals urged them to appear and heeding to this advice, the wife of Kaaka, Sahada Hudu, has made an appearance before the committee today.

She explained to the committee that Kaaka was her husband and they had five children. She revealed she was at Ejura when her husband was murdered. When she was aked to explain what happened on that day, she boldly demanded from the commission of enquiry that she would also like to make some enquiries from them. She enquired from them if they were the ones investigating the death of the police or it was the Police.

"My name is Sahada Hudu. I live at Ejura. My husband is the late Kaaka who was murdered. I had five children with him. I was at Ejura during the time he was murdered. Before I testify, I want to make some enquiries. Is the Police conducting investigations regarding the death of my husband or you people are the ones investigating the death of my husband."


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