'Huyu Amezaliwa Juzi Na Sai Tuko Apa' DJ MO Amused By His Son's Sharp Brain Despite His Young Age

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DJ MO is a known gospel deck jockey who is loved by many people because of how he plays along with the beats. His real name is Samuel Muraya and he has an academy called System Unit Dj School where he teaches young Kenyans who have the desire called DJs too.

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Through his Instagram page, he shared a video of his two-year-old son Muraya Junior counting one to ten. His son was so confident and excited since he was able to remember the numbers as he is always taught by his parents and sister, Ladasha Wambui.

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After sharing the video, he could not hide his excitement since this boy was born just the other day and his sharp memory proved that he is brilliant.

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Those sweet comments made on the video that this gospel DJ shared are shown in the screenshots below:

Watch the video in the link provided below:


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