Remember the name of this fruit? Majority of us pluck it without the consent of the owner

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I am very sure that only the legends can remember the name of this fruit as the indomie generation will just be left wondering, what kind of fruits could be sweeter and fun to pluck than mango, cashew, orange, banana and the rest of the common fruits in Nigeria.

Nigerians, sometimes are very funny at given confusing names to objects and it is probably all about their view of the particular object.

Objects and Nigerian-given names

The majority of you that schooled in Nigeria in the '80s will agree with me on the following peculiar names given to some objects.

- One big mango called 'Peter Mango'

- Cherry Mango turned to 'Sherri Mago'.

I remember associating the mango to all girls called 'Sherri' or Sherifat back then.

- Dog meat was given the code '404' by the eaters.

- Toyota cars were called 'Big Daddy'.

These are just a few among the funny named objects by the Nigerians.

But if there were any famous strangely or funnily named object, it is the tropical almond fruit we still call 'fruit'.

This tropical almond fruit, whose botanical name is 'Terminalia catappa', is eaten by both the Yorubas Igbos as well as the Hausas but there is no local name for it and so we call it 'fruit'.

Another thing you must know about 'fruit' is that, 90% of us back then, always pluck this special fruit, called 'fruit' without the owner's consent, when returning back from school or in the evening time while just strolling about.

The fruit is perhaps interesting to pluck because of its peculiarities. Its flesh is sweet and milky and inside it is shelled a single seed that looks just like a normal almond nut.

Any local child, especially in the streets of Lagos who has eaten this tropical almond fruit called 'fruit' before usually describes it as being very sweet.

If there's another name this special fruit is called in your local dialect, please feel free to share with us, as no one is an island of knowledge. 

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