Kenyan Woman Dumped By Lover After Giving Birth To Triplets

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Evelyn Pili stated that she didn't know she was carrying triplets until she gave birth .She said that after calling her boyfriend to tell him about good news,the man told him the babies were not his .

The woman,who is now appealing for help,said she has a four-year-old daughter.she has been staying with her sister .

"I dont know where to start from .I don't even have papers for them .My life is just messed up .Being a single mother of four at the age of 26 without a job how will i feed them I need help she said .

Evelyn Pili laments about her giving birth to triplets . According to her age she sees that the number of babies she have are many .she also emphasizes that her boyfriend dumped her because she gave triplets .The lady is worried because she has no job or money to sustain her the babies and yet she is living with her sister .

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