Confusion After A Cow Gave Birth To An Egg In Kakamega


The residents of Shinyalu county were surprised after a fertile female cow gave birth to an egg. The owner of the cow swiftly alerted the neighbors who came and witnessed the incident. According to him, he reared this cow intending to get returns in the future. He added that the cow had not shown any signs and symptoms of illness before and was well vaccinated. The major cause of this incident has not yet been identified.

These were some of the netizens' reactions;

"No udder. It Maybe had fertility issues, a growth(fibroid) then it came out. Now he can give it time for the next AI." Victoria Baraka

"Was the cow vaccinated with AstraZeneca," Mercy Ongechi

"Hehehe....wonders shall never stop, "Lydia Chahilu

"Sasa hii ni maajabu kabisa sasa tuite uchawi ama urogi," Willy Ambasa

The Veterinary officer, Shinyalu sub-county was sorry to the owner. He discouraged residents from guessing and imagining the cause of this. He asked them to look into the matter deeply to avoid such occurrences. He added that this could be caused by, feeds, medication, vaccinations, and also the bull that mounted the female cow.

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