Predicted EPL Top Scorer Of The Season


The season is nearly coming to an end and the EPL Top scorers are yet to be revealed. Harry Kane, the Tottenham Hotspur star might be the top scorer this season. Currently the EPL star has netted 21 times. He is the leading scorer, slightly followed by Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian hero who has 20 goals.

Harry Kane has been on fire despite his club's poor performance on the pitch. Him together with Hueng min Son who is his teammate have been named as the best player combination this season. They have been combining well in netting for their club with Hueng min having a total of 15 EPL goals.

Last season the top scorer was Jamie Vardy, the Leicester hero having scored a total of 23 goals. This was however a tie with Mohammed Salah, what separated the two was the number of assists. Jamie Vardy had 5 assists while Salah had 2 assists.

Do you think Kane will be the top scorer?


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