Speaker. J.B. Muturi Responds to Questions Raised About Kenya's Economy

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In today’s #ChatWithMuturi, many questions were raised by Kenyans and Speaker.J.B. Muturi responded to them.These questions arose when the speaker, J.B. Muturi, promised the audience that they may ask him any question they wanted and he would respond.

There was One question from @KibetBernand_ which was asking,” Kenya economy is struggling what do you say about it”. Muturi went ahead and responded, “We must stop borrowing, negotiate the high interest loans, stop white-elephant projects, encourage cottage industries where we manufacture locally by offering incentives, refocus on food security and have a predictable tax regime”.Many Kenyans responded to this tweet by attempting to describe how they perceived Muturi's point.

@daniyelnjoro has one reply;

“I must say I like your replies and the ideas you have for the revival of the economy are great. What we need as a country is visionary leaders who have the interest of the people at heart.”

Kenyans are still reacting to the tweet, and the issue of youth attention is still being discussed. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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