Gov Waiguru Speaks of Her Relationship With Uhuru After Joining UDA, Reveals Murathe-Tuju Mistake

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has opened up on her relationship with President Uhuru after joining the United Democratic Alliance Party informing the mistake made by Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe and Raphael Tuju that made her ditch Jubilee.

The Kirinyaga Governor has informed that what should be understood is that she is still in a cordial relationship with President Uhuru extending that "His Excellency the President is mature and does not control anyone on which political side to support. He will be retiring soon and he understands why I made the political move I made."

Governor Waiguru has said the statements she made that the ground was shifting support from the Jubilee party before her exit was right extending that "I mentioned the situation as it was and how the political ground is, and it is true. Though was a personal decision. President Uhuru know I supported him for many years I was with him. It became untenable to be in Jubilee."

Informing the mistake made by Jubilee Party officials that made her ditch Jubilee, Waiguru has said that, "the way party has been run over the last years. Lack of connection with the ground. Lack of rebranding and restructuring of top officials. I saw I might lose as time was running faster seeing Jubilee was on a death bed nearing elections. That is why I made a decision to join UDA."

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