Why Underwear Has A Pocket Inside - Details


The majority of the items we use every day have hidden features. So get ready to learn about some of the Everyday Things You Didn't Know Were There.

Women's underwear has the first hidden feature. Have you ever seen the small pouch and female underwear? No, it's not supposed to be used as a storage space. It's just a lighter fabric that's been left open to prevent discomfort. Since this is a sensitive environment, comfort and hygiene are important.

As a result, this small pocket is made of a more sanitary material, such as cotton. Polyester or fake silk is commonly used for the rest of the garment. As a result, this pocket provides additional cover for the delicate region. And if you don't have pockets in your underwear.

Another item we're all familiar with is the small bags that come with shoe boxes. They aren't sweets or air fresheners. It's silica gel, which aids in moisture absorption. So, if you normally throw them away after opening the box, you're doing something wrong. Silica gel packets may be used for a variety of purposes, such as testing a wet mobile phone or freshening up your clothing.

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