If You Like Sleeping Naked Or Like Bathing After 9pm, This Is For You

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Have you ever sat to think about any bad effect of going to bed without any cloths on? Or taking your bath in the open after 9:00 pm? Don’t worry if you have got no idea, this article is here to inform you about such act and the long run effects.

These acts are found mostly among singles who are mostly alone and the elite who are open minded on many issues.

These acts are considering going to bed without any cloths on are mostly done with the purpose of having a cold sleep without considering any possible consequences at the long run. This is mostly found among women, who also suffers the side effect most which will be discussed below.

Taking your bath late at night is also not advisable especially among those that do theirs in the open. If your bathhouse or bathroom is attached to your building and covered you have no problem taking your bath anytime at night, but you are advised to do it as early as possible at night to avoid any long run effects.

Now let us move to the main problem, I believe you know about marriage and the classification of marriages which are physical marriage and spiritual marriage.

Physical marriage always occurs in flesh and on the earthly plane, it always includes what we already know as in dating, courtship, engagement, weddings among others. This is of living human experiences, it can be beautiful and very ugly sometimes, it also requires vigilance and attention. Physical marriage is holy and it is the accepted marriage of the society we live in.

Spiritual marriage can also be seen as a coin with two phases, it can mean the good and also the bad. One may understand it as a spiritual bond by souls of a couple after being engaged or wedded physically in God. But this kind I am talking about is not so, it rather involves partnership with some bad spiritual force. Spiritual marriage is a contract co-created before both souls decide to meet in human form. It is omnipresent, and does not care if someone is married in the physical realm or not. This sometimes causes distractions in the life of the other party as it can go a long run to affect their marriage life as well.

For instance people in spiritual marriages can go into several physical marriages but never will they find happiness leading to divorce, they can also be very beautiful or handsome but never will they find a soulmate in the physical realm.

These spirits involved don’t just choose anyone they see around as it is believed by our forefathers that they mostly move around late in the night. Involving yourself in act like these (sleeping without any cloth on or bathing late at night) exposes yourself to such forces and can force them to attach themselves to you when they feel interested resulting to spiritual marriage when you have no idea.

It may sound like a superstitious belief but it happens around, you just have to be careful to avoid such from happening to your life by covering yourself with some cloth before bed and also try to avoid taking your bath late in the night.

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