The 8th woman in Sello Maake kaNcube’s life

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A week ago we heard the news of the engagement of veteran actor Sello Maake KaNcube to his girlfriend.

Many congratulated the pair on this new milestone they are about to embark on, some were shocked that Sello was not married yet.

New information just surfaced that the actor has 7 baby mama’s and has been in on and off relationships with them over the years.

It is alleged that the actor even owes one of his baby mama’s money. Is it’s also alleged that the baby mama’s are now harrasing Maake and asking him what is special about this girlfriend that he even decided to marry her. Maake descrives this girlfriend is a wife, a friend and business partner. I sure would be livid too if an ex owed me money and went off to marry someone else. What is your opinion on the matter? Please share your thoughts on the comment section. Mjolo ke ghanama

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