Who Do You Want To Host VGMA'22?


As part of the surprise package at the VGMA every year, people do have affection for the kind of hosts selected to steer the affairs of the show, from the red carpet to the end of the award ceremony. Earlier, we saw Abeiku Santana host the nomination event. It has become conventional that VGMA cannot be organized without a female hostess. Accordingly, who are you vying for? Will it be Berla Mundi, Anita Akuffo, Regina Van Helvert or a surprise?

Berla has hosted the event several times. Hence, it would not amaze anyone to see her doing same on the day. She is very competent, beautiful and experienced for the position. A few years ago, some fans began calling on the organizers to give Anita Akuffo the chance. She has been a phenomenon ever since her entry into limelight; Her fashion sense, diction, style of hosting have been on point. Anytime she is on the screen, viewers are captivated. Regina Van Helvert, also, has led red-carpet session before. Maybe it might be the time to promote her to lead the main show. Regina is one of the most sought-after TV presenters in the country since she shot to fame some years ago.

Who would you wish to have on the stage during the VGMA night? Comment your favorite.

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