Sad News To Teachers On Salaries as Worrying Details Emerge On TSC Cartels

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For four years, Mr David Omondi was taken back-and-forth as he sought his retirement dues from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) despite following the right procedure.

He was almost giving up when a trusted friend came to his rescue. He finally he got his money in 2019, having exited the profession in 2015.

Before he got help, cartels had been asking for between Sh50,000 and Sh100,000 to expe dite the process for him, cash that he didn't have.

"They told me that if I gave them the cash, my dues would be processed within weeks'. How ever, I could not raise the money. It's a very frustrating experience.

Every retired teacher has a story to tell," said Mr Omondi, who served for 35 years.

His frustrations show what many go through as they chase their dues from TSC.

The commission's chief executive officer, Ms Nancy Macharia, at the weekend acknowledged the existence of cartels that have been defrauding teachers.

"We have engaged officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to dismantle them. Because we've streamlined the process, I'm calling upon teachers not to pay a cent to have their dues processed. Despite the sensitisation, however, some teachers still work with these conmen," she said.

Ms Macharia called on tutors to follow the due process and report people who ask them for money "to hasten the process".

"We've tried to spread the word, but some teachers still fall prey to these fraudsters. It's unfortunate. Why should one pay for a free process?" she posed.

"They call you and you send them money and then they change their number. When you call later, the number is out of service.-"

Teachers who spoke to the Nation admitted that it's not easy to bypass the cartels, who appear to know their way around various offices.

Ms Macharia has, meanwhile, said tutors are expected to under take the Teachers Development Programme Course (TPD) one week a year, during school holidays.

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