New 13-inch MacBook Announced, Features A 10th-Generation CPU and Scissor- Magic Switch Keyboard

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New 13-inch MacBook Pro Has Been Announced. Features A 10th-Generation CPU and Scissor-switch Magic Keyboard

Today apple issued an update for the 13 inch macbook Pro the update model maintains the same 13.3 inch screen size but has twice the storage capacity across the entire lineup as well as the magic keyboard which features an improved scissor switch mechanism.

The high-end models features a tent generation core processor with a standard 16 gigabyte RAM and a 1 terabyte SSD hard drive

According to report pre-ordering has begun and prices have been posted for the Japanese market

In the new lineup the lower-end models use the same quad-core 8th generation core i5 CPU and 8 gigabyte from but the SSD capacity has been expanded to 256 gigabyte or 512 gigabyte

The high-end models features a quad-core 10th generation core i5 CPU 16 gigabyte RAM and 512 gigabyte or 1 terabyte SSD from can optionally be upgraded to 32 gigabyte and storage can be upgraded up to as much as 4 terabyte.

The updated models come in silver and space grey, the same coloring options as previous versions. The new 13-inch MacBook Pros are already for sale on the online store, where high-end 512 GB models sell for 188,800 yen and 1 TB models for 208,800 yen.

In the past, the lower-end 128 GB model sold for 139,800 yen and the 256 GB model for 159,800 yen, while the high-end 256 GB model sold for 198,800 yen and the 512 GB model for 220,800 yen. So despite the fact that the new models are a powerful upgrade, the lower-end models are 5,000 yen cheaper and the high-end models 10,000 to 12,000 yen cheaper.

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