Becareful Of Her Male Bestie This Is What They Do (Read chats)

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Although none of us as have the power to cut off certain individuals in our ladies lives for ladies see that as being a controlling Boyfreind and can end up dumping you.It is very important and advisable to observe certain individuals in your ladies life especially the so called male bestie.

What I've come to realise about this male bestie is that.A lot of them are just potential boyfriends who once tried thier luck on the lady but we're put on the friendzone and settled for such with the intention of slowly poisoning the lady against the main nigga so then can make a way for themselves.

Let me quickly take you through what i noticed about my girlfreinds male bestie.Everytime My Girlfriend and i have some dissagrements she would run and go tell him. sometimes even spend the day at his apartment and when i confront her about it she would tell me that they are friends and thier friendship goes way back compared to our relationship and his there to stay.

With things being that way i made peace with the fact that i will never stop her from running to him whenever we have some dissagrements as a couple.But then i started having trust issues with what really happens there.So onetime when she came back after we had an arguement i took her phone and went through thier whatsapp chats and this is what i saw.

Trully speaking ever since i saw this i don't have peace of mind because me and her have been together for a good long 9 years and has been doing this thing of running to him for about 4-6 years of our relationship.

Although something does tell me that what i saw on the chats might have just been a once of thing something also tell me that this has been happening all along.

With things being this way who do i confront both of them or the male bestie

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