Strange Myth of Lwanda Magere


'Lwanda' in Luo means a hard rock. No spear could pass his kin, no knife could cut through him neither could any arrow hit him in the chest. It is attributed to the disputes between the Luo Community and the Kalenjins that saw the latter send a lady to the former for peace-making. However, the great Luo warrior fell ill but the first wife 'Mikayi' was not around and so he sought help from the Kalenjin wife.

The lady cut through his shadow and surprisingly, blood came out of the physical skin. It was in that wound that she ought to apply the medication. As soon as the lady realized that the brave soldier to whom she was married had his powers lying in his shadow, she sprinted back to her people to report.

The next battle saw the warrior being pierced in the shadow, blood spurted out and he fell down, forming a rock, popularly known as Lwanda Magere. The Luo Community currently believe that anyone who sharpens their knife or any other sharp instrument in the stone is deemed to successfully kill whatever he intends to kill. To what extent do you believe in this myth?


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