The Relevance of funny pictures


In life,one of the most needed thing that keeps us moving is happiness.Happiness is the key to all work avenues.Funny pictures play a very essential role in our life.This is because whenever one is unhappy and is not willing to smile,as soon as they get in touch with funny pictures,they feel very relieved.

Funny pictures in my own thoughts in psychology should be able to clear about 65%-70% of sorrow or sadness from oneself.This can even serve as a motivation to the person.This is because,though the picture is very funny,it psychologically plays a very important role.As soon as the person sees the picture,some sought of happiness is redeemed immediately and the person can say to himself or herself that he or she is not going to feel sad again but will continue to stay hard.Once you are happy,you do everything with happiness so that whatever you are doing will look atractive and very nice.

I think funny pictures should be encouraged rather than other unnecessary things especially on the media.People post things that won't bring any benefit to anyone at all.Funny pictures again on the other hand can save life.

Patients in the hospital need comfort to keep their health,so they need things that will put smiles on their faces and things that will motivate them.Funny pictures can change the style.This is because it will always keep smile on the patient's face and keep him or her self motivated

These are some few relevance of funny pictures.

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