All SHS 2 Green Track Students should take note of this


All SHS students should take note of the following before heading back to school

Students should take the following items when going back to school

§ Nose mask (bulky: to take you through the semester)

§ Hand sanitizers

§ Handkerchief

§ Rags

§ Water bottles


Should avoid asking PPE’S from friends and also maintain a good hygiene whiles in school.

Parents are to ensure their wards are not sick but fully healthy before returning back to school.

The government of Ghana and the Ghana education service will distribute PPE’S to all SHS schools to be shared among the students.

All Covid - 19 protocols are to be observed to avoid the spread of the virus.

Students who feel sick should visit the hospital to be checked upon and must be well before returning back to school.

GES wishes all students the best and welcomes you back to school.

Thank you and all the best!!!!