Lukas recounted on how his colleague died after he cut the male genitalia of a twin in the mortuary.


Shakar Lukas, who is a mortuary contractor at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra recounts on how his colleague died after cutting the genitals of a twin who passed away and was in

their custody before he would be buried.

On an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwani Lukas gave a real account of what happened to his colleague after he did that to the twin. He said the youths of nowadays are dying before

their time because of their actions and inactions. He said the rate at which the people within the age groups of 20 and 25 is abnormal. He said "The reason for their death is the way they

are living their lives'. He continued that, 'This world has somethings that we young people forget and it is called African Traditions' he instructed us to humble ourselves and respect our

elderly ones.

He recounted on his colleague who cut the male genitalia of a twin to a client who wanted to use it for rituals. His colleague died in the process and he wishes to let the world know

and be careful with the way they lived their lives in the society.

Lukas continued that, when the family of the deceased came for the corpse to go and burry, they found out that some part of the body had been taken away. The other twin went to

inform the other members of the family and they came to do some rituals on the body and in effect, his colleague confessed and he died.