Oyo Squash Player Wins University Scholarship In Dele-Oladejo South West Open


The recently concluded Dele-Oladejo South West Squash Tournament featuring players from Lagos, Oyo, Ondo and Ogun state have been brought to an end with Oyo state winning the U-13 and U-16 Boys category and leaving the U-13 and U-16 Girls category to Ogun and Lagos State respectively.

The event which was held at the popular and prestigious Ibadan Recreation Club, Squash Section witness historic family record as Musa Umar and Musa Usman hailed from the same family won the U-13 and U-16 category of the tournament. And as well go on with the Exhibition game that have the winner winning N10,000 worth cash from the Chairman of Ibadan Recreation Club Squash Section.

In reacting to the brilliant display by the two young brothers, the Squash Section of the club then honor and awarded them with scholarship up to university education in appreciating the height the duo are taking the squash game to.

The sponsor of the tournament, Dr. Emmanuel Dele-Oladejo thanks the scholarship donor and appreciates all that graced the occasion of the sport competition in the city of Ibadan.

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