Kuami Eugene lives by his word as he removes his braids


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Today, my mission here is simple and short. It's about Rockstar Kuami Eugene. Oh, he hasn't done anything bad or in any trouble. We could all recall how he surprised many people when he came out of a new and different hairstyle. Many people reacted. With some people saying he was trying to imitate Nigerian musician Rema, others said he looked good in that hairdo. Well, he continued with his "rasta" since that was what he felt for.

We are all aware of Akuapem Poloo's issue. Well, if you could recall, the "Open Gate" hitmaker came out to declare that he would unbraid his hair just to prove how he wants Rosemond Brown to be freed with the hashtag (#FreeAkuapeemPoloo). Many people said he already wanted to unbraid but didn't know how to go about it so he was using Poloo's issue as an excuse. Whether that is true or not, I cannot tell.

I'm here to tell everyone that Kuami Eugene has unbraided his hair as he said he would.

A picture is below;

You can also watch the video by clicking on the link below;


What are your stances on this issue?

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