Man got a strong STI from a sex worker

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A man from Australia who is in his early 50s got diagnosed with a strong STI that he got after being intimate with a sex worker.

According to The Mirror it is said that the man started experiencing symptoms after 5 days of being intimate with her on his holiday trip.

He reportedly said his kept on feeling a burning fire while peeing and he also saw a discharge.

He then decided to get tested,indeed the test determined that he has a sexually transmitted infection.the doctors gave him pills specially antibiotics to get it treated.

Unfortunately he still tested positive of STI even though some of the symptoms he was experiencing began to disappear meaning it is a strong STI that will just lay low and come back again.

Dr Sonja of the Australian food and health agency said such strains pose a major global public health

"If such strains manage to establish a sustainad transmission many gonorrhea cases might become untreatable".


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