TB Joshua Was A True Prophet Of God, See Pictures Of His Humble House He Lived, With All His Money


In life, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And everyone has different things that they so much like and love. Bringing us to the fact that pictures of late Prophet TB Joshua's humble house surfaced online. And looking at his house compared to other rich men of God, you will agree with me that truly he was a true Prophet of God before his death. See link

TB Joshua with his weath and money can afford expensive house and big mansion, but he chose to be humble just like Christ and other prophets in the Bible and decided to leave in a humble apartment. This is truly something most of us should leave from. During the course of his life here on earth, he helped many individuals financially and also in prayers, and yet lived a humble and worthy life. May his soul continue to rest in peace. 

On seeing pictures of his humble house TB Joshua lived with all his money, you will agree that he is a true Prophet of God.

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