If You Believe Ruto Will Give 50% Of His Gov't To Women You Are A Fool - Wambugu To Ruto Supporters

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Deputy President and United Democratic Alliance (UDA)/ Kenya Kwanza Alliance Coalition presidential candidate Dr William Ruto. Photo courtesy.

Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu who is a top vocal critic of Deputy President and Kenya Kwanza Alliance (UDA) party presidential candidate William Ruto, has once again criticised the second in command over his promise of giving 50 percent of his government share to women if he wins presidency on August 9 general elections.

In his latest message on Facebook while reacting to Deputy President Dr William Ruto's statement today while campaigning in Murang'a county, Wambugu argued that the second in command will not give the 50% of his government share to women if he wins presidency since that is a total lie to hoodwink Kenyans especially women. The DP cannot do that and whoever believes he can do that is a total fool. If you believe that Ruto will fulfill that promise then you are a fool like the ones which Ruto himself keeps on mentioning that they left Kenya.

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