Forget About Moses Kuria, This Is The Potential Running Mate That May Win DP Ruto Presidency

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Photo/ Courtesy: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

With only a few months to the next general elections, politicians all over the country are racing time by sensitizing votes from the people to ensure that they secure their seats in the next general elections. The most competed seat or post in the country is the seat of the presidency.

Many high profile politicians in the country are showing high interest in the seat with some having official declared their bid for the seat. Alliances like the One Kenya Alliance have been formed by Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Wetangula and Moi to ensure they win the seat. ODM Leader and deputy president William Ruto are also competing for the same seat.

After falling out with his boss, the DP is unlikely to receive support from the president and will try to beat all odds to win the presidency and get to implement his hustler narrative and the bottom up economy approach.

There's only but one person who can help the DP achieve his presidential ambitions. This is only through choosing her to be his running mate. This is non other than Martha Karua who happens to have a voice from the Mt. Kenya region. She was a presidential aspirant back in 2013 and will likely delivery and make history as the first Kenyan lady deputy president.

Photo Courtesy/ Dp Ruto and Martha Karua during past event

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