New Twist As Caleb Kositany Is Removed As Jubilee Deputy Secretary General


For the last three years, there have been no peace in the ruling party of Kenya ( jubilee party). This is after the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga which saw deputy president and his allies being disadvantaged.

Due to the fall out of these leaders, division emerged inside the party where Ruto and his allies took one side has Uhuru and his handshake friendly Allies took the other side.

Now, the two sides have been engaging on serious Political wars as each side tries to protect their boss. Due to this wars, Ruto's allies have been removed from the top positions which they were holding right from the cabinet to the national assembly and the Senate.

Now, today in the evening, jubilee party through its secretary hon Raphael Tuju released a letter indicating that jubilee party has resolved to remove hon Caleb kositany as the party's deputy secretary general.

The letter indicated that the decision was arrived after the officials of the party held a meeting where they reached up the agreement of removing Kositany from his post.

Kositany was replaced by hon Joshua Kutuny of cherang'any.


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