(Opinion) Why Chelsea Should Sign Lionel Messi Ahead Of Romelu Lukaku

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With Lionel Messi not being able to sign a new contract at FC Barcelona, he would be looking for a club that could afford his services.

A few clubs has been listed and Chelsea could have a chance of signing him.

Now here are the reasons why Chelsea should sign Lionel Messi ahead of Romelu Lukaku.

1. In terms of positioning.

Lionel Messi knows how to position himself well when playing football so that he could receive passes and also deliver passes while Romelu Lukaku is only being used as a point-man and nothing more.

Lionel Messi has a way of positioning himself to take outside the box shots at goal while Romelu Lukaku takes most of his shots in the 18-yard box.

Chelsea needs a positional player than a point-man goalscorer that relies on scoring most of his goals in the 18-yard box.

2. Chelsea are the current Champions of Europe.

Chelsea will be able to sign any player that they want due to the fact that they are the reigning champions of Europe. So, significantly, they should sign a world-class player than just a normal professional player as Romelu Lukaku.

Lionel Messi would offer that spark they need as a team than Romelu Lukaku.

3. One of the only clubs that would be able to afford his wages.

In terms of wages, Chelsea would be fully fitted to foot the bills of Lionel Messi and he could once more compete for the Ballon d'Or title. Lionel Messi could win the Ballon d'Or title at Chelsea especially when he has the likes of N'Golo Kante at his back, Mason Mount besides him and Kai Havertz upfront.

4. According to Di Marzio in 2014, Chelsea almost signed Lionel Messi.

For me, this is the most convincing time to sign him as he would provide more boost to the team ahead of Romelu Lukaku.

5. The cost of both players in the transfer market.

Currently, Romelu Lukaku would cost Chelsea a whooping sum of over £130 million while Lionel Messi would cost them nothing as he leaves FC Barcelona as a free agent.

The combination of Chelsea would be well aligned and they can do without a top 9 in their squad as they already have utility players like Kai Havertz and Mason Mount who can play at any position in the field. With the addition of Lionel Messi, they don't need a top 9 as Romelu Lukaku.

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