Funny Joke Titled 'The Wisest Houseboy'


Ekene is a house kid who drinks his boss wine and afterward adds water for cover up.​ ​His boss got dubious and chosen to purchase pasties ( A french wine that change tone if water added)​. 

​As regular, Ekene drank the pasties and bested it up with water. ​Unfortunately for him, the pasties changed tone. At the point when the boss returned home and notice the shading change, he enlightened his significant other concerning it.​ ​ 

Ekene realized he was in a difficult situation and chosen to remain in the kitchen. 

​The boss yelled, Ekene​ 

​Ekene addressed Yes, Sir 

​Boss asked Who drank the pasties?​ 

​Ekene didn't react. 

​The boss ask once more, still no answer. At that point the boss went to the kitchen to go up against him.​ Are you crazy for sure? At the point when I called you, you said Yes Sir, yet when I asked you an inquiry, you didn't respond to me 

Well boss, when you are in the kitchen you don't hear anything with the exception of your name,​ Ekene replied. 

We should attempt it. Okay go to the bar and remain next to madam, while I will remain in the kitchen. At that point call me and afterward ask me any inquiry, the boss proposed. 

​Ekene yelled, Boss​ 

​Boss replied, Yes 

​Ekene asked, Who goes into the house keeper room when madam isn't anywhere near? 

​​Boss didn't answer​. 

​Ekene ask once more, the Boss kept quiet.​ 

​The boss came out from the kitchen yelling, Wonders will never end 

Ekene it's actual. At the point when one is in the kitchen, one doesn't hear anything with the exception of ones name. 

​The spouse intruded on, That's false. It's a lie.​ 

​Without contention Ekene inquire her whether she will jump at the chance to enter the kitchen to be tried and she concurred. 

​Ekene called Madam 

​Madam addressed Yes 

​Ekene asked: Who is Junior dad? Me or boss?​ 

​Madam surged out of the kitchen saying, This kitchen should be checked, I can't hear anything.